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Why Stream Here?

  1. We offer real time streaming solutions for the Amateur Radio Operator  with no Commercials or lengthy delays
  2. Easy configuration
  3. We can also help you configure your setup with Teamviewer if you are having problems doing so
  4. HD 1280 x 720 Resolution
  5. Our Platform is on a VPS server, not a shared platform, so faster streaming
  6. Friendly and helpful techs to guide you

NAT Loopback and what it is: click here

My work around for NON supported NAT Loopback routers : Click Here

General Rules for Streaming subject to change (Updated 02-19-2019)

  • Absolutely there will be no streaming of pornographic, offensive, x-rated, r-rated, questionable, or commercial material.
  • Streaming is limited to 2 cams
  • You are responsible for your streaming material
  • Streaming should be radio related or hobby related
  • Video Streaming is open to all licensed amateur radio operators within the US and Canada.

The webmaster reserves the right to add and remove operators at his discretion.


WHAT DO I NEED? First you will need to download the free copy of WebcamXP, you also will need to configure your PC and open your router to port forward. This is all explained below on how to do.

If you agree with these terms and would like to stream please use the stream request link provide below

Please provide us with you Public IP,  you will automatically be assigned port 8080 if not specified  

If your Public IP has changed you will need to contact me with the new one

If you IP changes often then you may want to use one of the DNS services (highly recommended)

Please visit our Software Link for the software and tools you will need to get streaming now


Getting start (Some helpful tips)



You must first set a Static IP for the work station that you are using

In this case we will use the IP of

Assign a static IP to your computer in this format:
IP 192.168.X.75
Gateway 192.168.X.1 this is the address of your router
DNS 192.168.X.1 this also is the address of your router

X being the subnet of your system (Usually 1 or 0)

Please click on the Port Forward link to configure your router

The IP used must be out of or excluded from the DHCP range set in you router

This case the DHCP address pool starts at and goes to, so we are ok with

You must forward your static IP of 192.168.X.75 to a UDP port within your router

UDA Ports open vary upon ISP

Some UDA ports used are 80, 8080, and 8888

If your ISP keeps changing you're Public Dynamic IP you will need to sign up for one of The Dynamic DNS Services

Please download the webcamXP Free edition to the computer that host your camera and install.

The Web Server must be de-activated to configure

Add the IP of you work station here along with the port that you are using (Click on the Web/Broadcast button)

After you configure this page you can click on the Activate button

We recommend either the Microsoft Life Cam HD Webcam  or the Logitech Pro 9000 

To effectively stream HD video you MUST have high speed Internet along with a fast Computer (Duo Core with 4 Gigs of Ram Min)